Foz do Iguaçu

It will be an environment that embraces nature and the Cognopolis, in Foz do Iguaçu – PR, aimed at researching the phenomenon of lucid projection and all the consciousness’ potentialities.

The researcher will be able to stay on the campus and enjoy the experiences of the Projectarium, the Laboratory of Phytoenergetic Integration (the house in the tree), rebalance their energies through walks in ecological trails among other activities to be offered in the campus.

The IIPC – International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology is a pioneer institution of the science of conscientiology and has been active for more than three decades in the research and re-education of the consciousness.

It hosts more than 800 volunteers in 20 Educational Centers of self-research in several locations around the country and a representative office in Buenos Aires.

The IIPC has the historical role as an entrance door institution for intermissivists being the matrix for the generation of new Conscientiocentric Institutions (CI).

In the last meeting of volunteers, it received a land donation to build its own headquarters.

& Reurbex

The Architectural Project


The world's second specific laboratory for practical research into the Lucid Projection of the Consciousness!

The Projetarium Laboratory will be an optimized place for the sophisticated development of projective practices, prepared with specific purposes, able to enhance the triggering of positive reactions in the practice of conscious projection techniques.

It will bring together suitable conditions for the development of conscious projections from the interdimensional bioenergetic field.

It will allow experimentation with 38 different projective techniques, induced by the will of the experimenter and respective explanations in the book Projectiology, chapter VIII, and a specific chapter in the Treatise on Projectiology.

Did you enjoy the IIPC Foz do Iguaçu Campus?

It's still just an idea, but...

Let's make this idea a reality!

How can I cooperate
with the IIPC Campus Project?



Donate your best energies in the effort to make this project happen.

Take a moment in your daily life to thosenate about the project, how you imagine it will look like (from the photos of the project and the natural environment of the land), and how researchers and visitors will interact in the IIPC Campus.

In this way, you help to strengthen the Campus holothosene so that we can consolidate it,  thus being closer to the completion of the project.


Enrolling in
the P&R Course

By attending the Projectiology & Reurbex Course, besides helping in the Extraphysical Reurbanization of the Planet Earth, you will also be helping in the materialization of the Campus, because seventy percent (70%) of the value of all registrations will be reverted to the construction of the IIPC Campus – Foz do Iguaçu.


in the

Another way to help is donating any amount of money for the IIPC Campus building through the IIPC Campus Crowdfunding.

With your donation, besides contributing financially to the materialization of the Campus, you can also have your name registered at the Campus Milestone.

Participating in the Crowdfunding

Donations to the IIPC Campus Crowdfunding can be made through deposits / bank transfers as below.

IIPC Campus Milestone


To have your name inserted in the Campus Milestone, it is necessary:

  1. Make a donation of at least R$ 20,00 (twenty reais)
  2. Send an e-mail with your full name and the receipt of donation to [email protected]
International Wire Transfer


IBAN BR50 6070 1190 0383 9000 0637 000C 1


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